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Jefferson's Ocean

Each bottle contains thirty ports of call.  Ages ago, when bourbon was shipped to market, the rocking of the boat forced the liquid into constant contact with the barrel, thereby aging it faster. Curious to experiment with this lost part of the process, we took fully mature bourbon and put it on an ocean liner. As it crossed the globe, the salt air infused a brininess to the taste, while the equatorial sun caramelized the sugars in the barrel. And of course, it swayed against the wood all the while, rounding out these new seasonings to create a flavor that enchants like the song of the sirens. Aged for 8 years on land and a further 6 months at sea.

During the voyage the bourbon touches 5 continents, reaches 30 ports and crosses the equator 4 times.  

We consistently have 380 barrels out on the ocean at all times.

rich caramel, vanilla, dark fruit, oak

caramel, cinnamon, cherries, oak, salt

medium long with caramel, wood, salt

Aged at sea - cannot be duplicated on land. A thick dark bourbon with complex briny flavours reminiscent of a dark rum with caramel flavours.

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