Cuba's Finest Treasure Launches in Ireland

Introducing the Island Rum company. Cuba’s first rum joint venture in over 20 years.

Black Tears is the world’s first & only spiced rum from Cuba. It’s completely unique within the Rum category & sets itself apart boasting a low sugar content (only 9g's per litre) & bittersweet flavour. It finds that uniqueness through its coffee, cacao & ‘aji dulce’ (a variety of small sweet peppers) flavour profile, all sourced locally in Cuba.

It’s not only the flavour the we fell in love with, it’s the story behind the brand too. Black Tears is all about expressing true emotion & is deeply rooted in Cuban culture. Its name comes from a famous Cuban song “Lágrimas Negras” which tells a bewitching story of love and loss. According to local myth, the jilted lover wept black tears which fell into her rum, magically creating a unique bittersweet taste.

Black Tears is an award-winning rum that mixes beautifully in long drinks and cocktails, adding more depth & drama to traditional rum drinks.

We are also excited to introduce La Progresiva 13 from the Island rum company collection– a dry sipping rum, that elevates you into another realm of luxury.

We celebrated the official launch of these 2 rums at OHANA rum bar in the heart of Dublin City. Kilian, our expert mixologist let an inhouse masterclass, bringing rum & cocktail enthusiasts alike on a journey through Cuban culture and educating them on a whole new meaning of what it means to be a ‘spiced rum’.

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