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Dalcassian is passionate about delivering quality, service and value to our customers.

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You demand the best wines and spirits for your customers, from the best vineyards and distilleries and meeting the latest trends. At Dalcassian, it is our goal to continue to source and deliver these to your door. To that end, the team behind Dalcassian has almost 200 years experience in the business. We have forged excellent relationships with producers and growers all over the world.

Ours is an independent, professional and thoroughly Irish wines and spirits company. We are committed to quality, personal service, attention to detail and above all to the provision of a world of choice, because these are the things that continue to drive this business and they are what you’ve come to expect. The drinking and sharing of wines and spirits is a pleasurable, rewarding experience and we believe that should extend to buying them too.


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Vision & Values

Dalcassian is passionate about delivering quality, service and value to our customers. Throughout its short history, Dalcassian has remained faithful to its core values. These remain the central building blocks of our business.



  • Dedication to customer service & customer relationships: anticipating and responding to customer’s needs, with an emphasis on range, quality, value & flexibility.

  • Constant innovation: staying in tune with current and future customer needs and providing wine & spirit brands and services that meet them.

  • Loyalty and commitment: to our customers, brand principals and people.

  • Outstanding quality: Encompassing the sourcing of quality wines & spirits, customer deliveries, correct invoicing, indeed all aspects of our service.


We would be delighted to assist you in the ongoing marketing of our wines and spirits, be it through the production of promotional materials, the provision of point-of-sale support, or even the personalised design and formatting of brochures or Wine & Cocktail lists for your business. If you are interested in any of the above – or in other ways we can help to showcase our products and grow your sales – please get in touch with a member of the Dalcassian team.


Years of combined experience


In providing you with a world of choice, we have developed connections with wineries and distilleries around the globe. If you are traveling nearby, why not stop into one for a personalised tour? Simply contact us at, and we’ll arrange the visit.

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